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“The education of a child is in his mother’s hands”

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

“There is a law according to which you cannot give others what you do not have. You cannot convince people if you yourself do not believe. You cannot awaken the good in man if you do not possess it within yourself. The same applies to knowledge and Love. This law should be applied to education.

“The education of a child is in his mother’s hands. What the mother brings to the child during pregnancy is important. After that – after the child is born – it is more difficult to educate him. Therefore I say, ‘Mothers will put the world in order.’ During pregnancy the mother can inspire her child towards wisdom, intelligence; can influence his feelings and also strengthen his will.

“After the birth, the connection between mother and child continues, although in a different way. A child whose mother does not hold him in her arms loses something valuable. There is a connection between the etheric bodies of the mother and child. Therefore the child should not live far away from his mother at least until the age of 14 or 15.

“What the mother can give her child in one year, his relatives and surroundings cannot give him in 20 years. Statistics show that children, who have grown up until the age of 20 with the love of their parents, are nobler than those who have been deprived of their parents’ love. The law is: if the parents’ love towards their child is weak, the child is more likely to become ill. In order for you to be healthy, the love of your mother must permeate your soul fully.

“You, as a mother, when you caress the head of your child, say, ‘May Divine thoughts enter you. May you carry Light to humankind. May you help your weaker brothers. May noble thoughts penetrate you.’

“He who treats the plants and animals well will be kind to people as well. This is the morality of the new culture. The mother needs to teach the child that the Divine Life permeates the whole of nature: the flowers, the trees, the little flies and the birds, everything.

“As long as the child believes that the teacher is not lying, the teacher has authority. If he notices that the teacher is not telling the truth, the teacher no longer has any authority over the child. The same is true for parents.

“Never speak in a negative way, ‘Do not do this! Do not do harm! ‘, but say instead, ‘Do good! ‘ Instead of the words, ‘Do not lie! ‘ say, ‘ Speak the truth! ‘ The less you speak about negative things the better. We should speak about the positive.


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