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Karmic Family Therapy

Each of us comes to life through the miracle of birth - through conception , we come into the world through our mother's body. It is said that we choose our family, that we choose our parents, siblings, our culture, even the time and place where we are born. This is because our souls have decided that there they will learn and understand the lessons faster and have a more meaningful journey in their evolution.


Well chosen or not, we are all born into family, genealogy, race. Of course, it would be wonderful if the family we are grounded in was filled only with love and light , a constant celebration of sweet experiences and joy. However, for many this is not the case.


In a cycle of 6 sessions we will work deeply and with intention. We will connect with our ancestors, heal and release the energy and emotional strings that exist in the karma of every family. It is a very serious and deep energy work. However, this cycle of sessions is suitable for all levels. You do not need to have a specific background in energy or systemic therapy to do this job. I will guide you, step by step to the level you feel comfortable with. It also means that if you are more advanced in your practice, you will understand intuitively and be able to expand even deeper into this unique task. For some of you this process may be quite intense - this is to be expected when working with the realms of Divine energy and healing.


If you decide to heal your family karma and set a clear intention to do so, you will find that the same work alone will go very quickly. You will see changes in your relationships while you thought they would never happen. You will notice changes in others and in yourself.


This cycle of sessions has been created to bring immediate healing and change to your family relationships and your deepest family karma.


As you work through this cycle of sessions, you will notice:

  • Changes  in the way you think about your family

  • Changes in the way family members relate to you and each other

  • Release energy that no longer serves your higher good in a deep and visible way

  • Treatment at many levels (issues such as addiction, illness, poverty and more)

In many cases, you will feel free, perhaps for the first time in your life. It is a great and important gift to be able to honor and offer healing to our family in this way. Usually, we are the first in the family to take on this task. Maybe again we follow in the footsteps of others who started this deep and meaningful work before us, who also brought healing to family karma.

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