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Prenatal / Perinatal Counseling

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"Why the role of the parent begins before conception"

Being a parent / guardian is one of the most important roles in your life. Of course babies / children do not come into the world with user manuals. The  Trinity Healing Center enables you to   contact  with a psychologist (specializing in Prenatal / Perinatal Counseling Psychology and Education)  for pre-arrest concerns and difficulties (arrest,  pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, weaning)  up to the adulthood of children (development and behavior eg eating and sleeping difficulties,   anxiety,  school adjustment, learning difficulties and  in self-concentration, toilet training, jealousy for a new member of the family, instability, aggression, shyness and inhibition, tics, lies, theft, flight, addictive behavior, discipline, rules, self-confidence, difficulty in speaking  depression,  divorce, mourning, illness, sexuality).  

Conception, pregnancy and the postpartum period are important transitional stages in the life of a woman and a man who can fill their lives with   happiness, joy, and love. At the same time, however, the  arrest,  pregnancy and child rearing can lead to mental, physical and emotional imbalances and cause intense anxiety,  anxiety,  anger, fear,  sadness, and exhaustion. These emotions are difficult to understand and manageable.

THE  Prenatal / Perinatal Counseling  can provide you with the tools you need to respond  in these challenges. During the session a secure framework is created where   you can learn effective coping skills and feel calm and strong. Parents / couple, individually or together you can learn ways and solutions, important and useful tools   for substantial change. Prenatal / Perinatal Counseling usually has an educational aspect to a form of conversation between a psychologist and a counselor about a topic that is currently important to you. I will share with you my psychological knowledge to help you better understand the mechanisms of the situation you describe and find a suitable solution for you.

"Because there are no perfect parents but parents who care"

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