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Discover your own path


If you are looking for support to improve  your quality of life and you are looking for a psychologist / psychotherapist  then I invite you to try it  psychotherapy with physical presence at the Trinity Healing Center or  via the internet (Skype).

Although online psychotherapy may seem strange to you as a process, after one or more  two online meetings make us feel more comfortable and really made possible  the use of online psychotherapy   as an equally effective treatment  with personal  meetings.

The patients  tell me that they observe the same development in   psychotherapy via the internet as well as in person.  The most important factor in the case of psychotherapy is the creation of a relationship between the patient and the therapist.  (according to researches  it is this relationship that is the most important  therapeutic  factor  and not psychological tendencies). It is also possible to develop this important relationship through the internet.   


It is important to reveal your true and unique Self which can happen through  the authentic relationship  by  therapist and the unconditional acceptance of the patient. My goal is to support you to discover your own alternatives to maintain a conscious, happy and meaningful life.

Against  During the healing process we will focus on rebuilding the positive aspects of your personality and strengthening your true Self by developing the possibilities  to follow your own unique path by making conscious decisions without prolonged therapeutic help.

If you are in a difficult time in your life and need extra support, we will seek a broader perspective of understanding, wisdom and understanding that will help you deal with the difficulties.

In  Psychotherapy  I call on those who wish to enrich self-awareness and get to know themselves better, in order to make life a process of completion and fulfillment. For some people this means discovering their talents and skills and for others finding their spirituality and meaning in life.

Psychology Patient
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