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Each of us has certainly found ourselves looking up at the night sky and observing only the bright moon that stands proud and bright among the stars…  In addition to its luminous energy, our stories and myths show that the moon affects the lives of people on Earth and all who are on it. The Moon reminds us of birth and death. The rebirth of the Moon gives us an important element about the cycles of the soul in the constant reincarnation.

Natalia Kuna, author of The Mysterious Moon, cites scientific research that has shown that all matter has a frequency, including that of the Moon, which affects humans in subtle ways. These frequencies can affect thoughts and impressions in our subconscious. When they are more active they lead to increased activity and intensity. Intense thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior emerge and remain on the surface.

New Moon

In this phase the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun and is not visible from the Earth. Darkness signifies the beginning, an instinct for birth. As a symbol, the seed is below the Earth, representing the beginning of something new. In this phase, energy builds strength and intensity. It is the perfect time to set clear intentions and goals, to start new tasks or new ideas. You can write or just let the Universe know your goals and desires. The energy spreads to a great extent when you create a ceremony or a meditation by expressing your desires with absolute enthusiasm.

Full moon

In this phase of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun are aligned just like in the New Moon, the only difference being that the Moon is on the other side of the Earth just opposite the Sun. Thus, the entire illuminated side of the Moon is visible from Earth, full and round. The seed is in full bloom. Represents fertility, metamorphosis, completion and abundance.

This period is called 'fall' because there is reduced energy. This is an ideal time to release anything that no longer serves your higher purpose, things you want to release or stop. It can be anything from your relationships, work, thoughts, phobias, feelings.

It is a time of guidance, healing and magic. It's the perfect time to recharge your batteries. Also,  crystals or jewelry important to you can be exposed to the moonlight for cleansing and charging with the energy of the Moon.

It is very important to pay attention to the disadvantage of the Full Moon which includes intensity, polarity, intense thoughts and emotionally negative behavior. Separate this extreme energy by placing your thoughts on a piece of paper and performing a release ceremony.

If you feel a special connection with the energies of the Moon

then you can join us in the meditations on these important phases of the moon.

You are all welcome along with your crystals, stones and flowers!

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