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Relaxation for children (mindfulness)

Children learn through this series of workshops  from their own experience what mindfulness means.


Consciously the child observes what comes through his senses during an activity: for example, listening to the sounds in the environment, his breathing, or looking and observing the details (color, texture, size, etc.).  The distracting thoughts and feelings are not ignored but instead are recognized and accepted without criticism.

Relaxation with mindfulness has many benefits. It can help children to:

  • it is serene and relaxed

  • sleep more easily

  • manage stress

  • have better concentration and learning

  • have better relationships

  • manage difficult emotions

  • develop their creativity and imagination

  • they learn to calm themselves

  • are in 'here and now'

  • have self-knowledge

Research shows that consciousness helps children improve their abilities

in self-concentration, to calm down when upset and make better decisions.

In other words, it helps them with their emotional self-regulation and their cognitive ability.

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