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Sound therapy

Everything in the universe vibrates at its own unique frequency

The same goes for people. Some factors can change people's frequencies (ie, traffic noise, daily stress, etc.).  Through sound therapy you have the option to 're-tune', re-tune your body frequency with the help of Binaural Beats, Schumann Frequency, Rife Frequencies and the human voice. Science has proven  that sound has a strong effect on matter. The study of Kymatiki has shown that sound creates geometric patterns in matter. Dr. Emoto has shown that sound changes the molecular structure of water. We as humans are made up of  75-80% water and therefore sound travels very well inside our body. We are very receptive to making sounds in a positive way, as long as the sounds given are pure and affectionate. Think about how we react positively to a nice piece of music and  how we react when we hear a loud distorted sound. Sound therapy is especially beneficial for people, especially in times of stress and intense anxiety, because it is a very good way to balance emotions and a valuable help.  to "re-tune" themselves.

Sound Therapy is the conscious use of the energy of sound to promote well-being in the human system. Through Sound Therapy, the human ability to heal oneself on any level, physical, emotional and spiritual, is activated. Applying the right sounds increases the energy flow throughout the body and removes the stagnant energy behind the imbalance.

By paralleling man with a complex musical instrument, his ability to play music is healed, not because the strings are tuned autonomously, but because the internal balance that keeps them tuned is restored and the instrument (or man) repairs as many strings as needed through it. self-regulation .

Every human being has a fundamental frequency and when we come in contact with this frequency then we have more contact with ourselves. Taking into account this fundamental eigenfrequency in combination with the Binaural Beats, the therapeutic use of the Schumman frequency, the Rife frequencies, as well as the voice, the healing process can bring very important results.  

Where is Sound Therapy used?


  Sound therapy is used to alleviate or even eliminate psychological causes.  As a method of healing covers  a variety of topics, including stress, depression, low self-esteem and self-esteem as well as learning and behavioral issues (eg ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.). It has proven to be a very good method for insomnia, for physical pains (muscles, joints), headaches and migraines and much more. It is an excellent method for balancing energy centers (chakras)  and for clearing the energy field as well as for mental / psychic blockages. It helps a lot in matters of chronic fatigue and confusion.  

The process

Initially, an introductory interview is conducted in conjunction with an extensive questionnaire. The vocal imprint of the interested party in combination with the other elements are the basis for the creation of a unique, personal and completely specialized sound landscape.

Listening to the sound landscape is for 21 days on a daily basis, preferably at the same time and place. Listening should be done with open headphones (not "lice") to activate the "audio" instruments.  During the 21 days of listening, the interested party has the opportunity to contact the psychologist for any additional psychological support.

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